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Friday, 24 January 2014

REVIEW: Purflo Embroidered Sleep Sac

Manufacturers Description:

The beautifully soft & comfortable PufFlo SleepSac is the most anti-allergenic,anti-bacterial, sleeping bag on the market
  • 100% Bamboo Dream lining
  • Environmentally friendly Bamboo fabric is 60% more absorbent than cotton & has natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-allergenic Amicor filling, prevents build up of bacteria and dispels dust mites that are linked to Asthma and Eczema
  • 100% cotton outer
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Integrated scratch mit to keep hands warm and protect against scratching (sizes 0-3 month & 3-9 months only)
  • Full zip open front for easy access night time nappy changing
  • Zip guard to prevent the zip scratching babies skin


As with the Koo-di products I have been reviewing, I was really really excited to also be reviewing the PurFlo Sleep Sac! The Purflo brand is one that I really truly love, creating products based upon science about how to reduce the risk of SIDS and overheating as well as using anti allergenic and breathable materials. PurFlo really do know how to help us parents worry less!

The sleep sac arrived a little later than the other items and I was peering out the window every half hour or so anticipating its arrival. We have used sleep sacs quite a lot as Finny is such a wriggler, but we have always had to go for budget options. When this arrived - wow! The quality of the materials is amazing. I'm not saying that budget options are bad options, I love some of our budget buys, but this sleep sac just feels lovely and you can tell the materials are of the highest quality. I would be happy to sleep in this if I fitted - which is probably not far of as there is so much room in this for growing little babies!!

The design of this sac is beautiful, really simple, but really lovely. The particular sac we were sent had a cute little giraffe sown onto front - Its as if they Knew that Finnys Nursery is Animal themed, with Giraffes everywhere, so it really fitted in well with us! There is also a lovely little embroidered Purflo logo on the chest which fits in nicely with the design of the sac rather than looking out of place. The colour we were given was a nice neutral beige and white. However there are lots of other designs and colours to choose from so there is bound to be something for everyone!

What I really liked about the purflo sleep sac is that it comes with removable arms, so on really cold nights they can really snuggle up all nice and warm. Our house remains quite warm, so I took the sleeves off to prevent Finny getting too hot. They are attached by Zips, and they remove really easily. I thought I better try and get them back on to see how fiddly it was, but again, the popped back on really easily. Its really nice to know that we have these in the draws if the temperature does suddenly drop - I'm sure people keep mention snow is due!!

I gave the job to Chris of getting Finny in the sleep sac, and he had no problems at all. The sac does up from the top, through the centre, down to the side and around the bottom. So you can lay the sac on the floor completely open, place your baby in it and quickly zip them up again - before they escape!! Finny looked so comfy in his cot , drinking his bedtime milk, I would highly recommend this sleep sac to anyone, and even more so if your baby has sensitive skin, brilliant design, brilliant product!

The Embroidered Sleep Sac is available on the Purflo website and comes in sizes 0 - 3, 3 - 9, 9 - 18 & 18 Months +. You have a choice or 1 or 2.5 tog and comes in various colours and designs. Priced  £29.95 - £49.95 (Dependant on size, colour, tog and design).


Sunday, 19 January 2014

10 Flat Head Syndrome Facts!!

Its been awhile since I updated anything Plagiocephaly related - so here's some interesting Flat Head Syndrome Facts for you!!

1.   Babies develop Flat Heads because there skulls are soft and pliable!

2.   There are 3 types of Flat Head syndrome, depending on the shape/position of flatness:
  • Plagiocephaly - left or right side flattening
  • Brachycephaly - back Flattening
  • Scaphocephaly - long Narrow Head

(L-R: Brachycephaly, Plagiocephaly and Scaphocephaly)
(Finnys Plagiocepahly at 4.5 Months characterises by the flattening to the back right side and the blossoming to the front right side)
3.   47% of babies now develop the condition to some degree - That's almost 1 in 2!

4.   Your baby is more likely to develop Flat Head Syndrome if:
  • its your first baby
  • your baby is a boy
  • your baby was breech
  • you baby is a twin (or multiple)
  • your was premature
  • your baby has reflux
  • your baby has Hip Dyslapsia
5. You can decrease the risk of your baby developing Flat head syndrome with simple techniques such as:
  • baby wearing - slings rather than pushchairs
  • limit the amount of time in baby rockers
  • plenty of tummy time 
6.   Flat Head Syndrome in babies younger than 5 months can be treatable with repositioning techniques!!

      If you notice your baby is developing a flatness, keep the pressure of the spot for as long as   possible during the day, lots of tummy time, reduce time in bouncer and carry your baby in a sling while you do your day to day activities (they will love this!!) It can be reversed at this age in many cases!!

7.   Cranial Osteopathy can really help reduce flatness in babies under 5 months!

8.   Cranial Remoulding Helmets help treat babies from 5 - 14 months of age!

After 5 months of age a babies skull begins to harden, and repositioning is less responsive, Between 5 and 14 months the skull has enough growth and softness to have significant improvement with helmet treatment, after 14 months the babies skull has had its major growth and has hardened significantly that even cranial helmets will not improve the condition.

(Finny shortly after having his helmet fitted at 5 months)
9.   The NHS does not fund Cranial Helmet Therapy as they deem the condition to be cosmetic only,   however, there are numerous reports associating Flat head syndrome with a number of issues:
  • A high risk for learning delays and developmental delay
  • Increased need for special services when the child reaches school age
  • Orthodontic and TMJ issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Visual disturbances including visual field defects, and astigmatism
  • auditory problems and infections
  • Psychological/social issues

10.   Treatment is available Privately at a cost of about £2000 at clinics such as: 
  • Technology in Motion 
  • Doc band
  • Steeper clinic
The Charity Headstart4babies.org can offer financial assistance to some families.

Friday, 17 January 2014

REVIEW: Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat

Manufacturer Description:

(Item Code: KD060) 

  • Ideal for parents when bathing their baby
  • Anti slip surface and soft padding which is kind to parents knees
  • Hanging hook attached for storing and drying
  • Makes bath time a more comfortable experience
  • Perfect protection for your knees whilst bathing baby
  • Non slip to ensure it stays in place
  • Quick drying, mildew resistant
  • Made from Phthalate free EVA
  • Dimensions: 395 x 215x 40 mm
Review: We love Bath time in this house, and bathing Finny every evening can take its toll on my poor old knees, so I was intrigued to start testing this product out!

The mat is made from what I would describe as a similar material to that of swimming pool floats, but more squishy but still firm. The Mat again is just as vibrant and funky with its tell tale Koo-di polka dots (which we love) but it comes with two blue circles, so you know where to put your knees for maximum comfort. The size is really nice, not too big, but enough room to be able to move about if need be.

One edge is nice and straight so it fits snugly up against the bath, so you don't have to lean too far to reach in and as i said, this material really cushions when knelt on, which was pleasantly surprising. W e have Carpet in our bathroom, but I am sure this would material would be great non slip as stated in the description.
On the back is a little hook, that allows you to hang this up out of the way and to dry if need be - unfortunately we don't have anywhere to hang it, instead we prop it up against bath (which led us to find this seconds up as a rather funky floating bath tray, I'm sure Finny loved this use better!)

Overall, this is great product, but I think little Nanny will be getting more use out of this than I will, just because I like to sit awkwardly and she has poorly knees so it will really make things a lot more comfortable for her and allow her to be closer during bath times.

The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat is available on the Koo-di website and is priced at £12.99.


REVIEW: Koo-di Bath Tap Protector

Manufacturer Description: 

(item code: KD604) 
  • Protect your baby from scalding themselves on a hot tap
  • Helps prevent against bumps
  • Soft yet durable cover fits securely on most single taps or mixer taps
  • Heat spots change colour to indicate temperature
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Made from Phthalate free PVC
  • Mildew resistant
  • Dimensions: 130 x 102 x 102 mm 

When the Bath Protector arrived, I thought Brilliant, what a fantastic Idea. This again is in Koo-di's Polka dot design. Its a great innovative idea that solves the problem of hot taps and bumps on the head! The item itself is a littler larger than I expected, but this isn't a problem and when I say larger its hardly that large, I think I was just expecting something smaller. It slips easily over your tap, with a star shaped flexi - grip. It also has a large hole allowing water to run through, enabling you to keep it on the taps as you run the bath.

Now, the protect has a beautiful bright red end, which I thought was like a nose (Rudolf and all that, must have had xmas heavily engrained on my mind), and really this teaches me that I should really read the packaging properly!!
This red patch is heat sensitive, Its great!!! As the water gets hotter, the red begins to fade, and the word 'HOT' appears (now as I didn't read it, I thought the colour was running off Haha I make myself laugh sometimes). I think this is perfect, especially when teaching older babies about not to touch hot things!


The only issue I had with this protector is it did not stay on my tap properly, which makes me sad. A small nudge and it would fall off. However I believe this is entirely down to the shape of my tap, which slants downwards. If your taps are straight, then do not let this put you off, this is a great little product, however if your taps have a slant to them, do air with caution as you may have similar issues to me!

Tap protector saving a bump or two!
Overall though, I love this product, the design and the heat sensitive end really is a new idea that really makes this product stand out and if like Finny, your little ones are insistent of sitting right next to the tap no matter how many times you move then - this product really could be for you! I just wish we had a different Tap - Thumbs Up!

The Tap Protector can be Purchased on the Koo-di website at £9.99.

 Rating: (only 3 due to the fact it didn't stay put)


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Boys day out!

Just a quick one, I couldn't resist. Daddy had the day off to babysit while I worked as I had to rearrange sitters this week and ended up without one for today. Anyway Chris was very excited to have a boys day, this is what they got up too - how cute. Love these boys!

Onwards and Upwards...literally!!

Well its been a while since I posted an 'us' update, so here it is - I know we all like to have a nose what one another are up too!!

Well - I have returned to work Part-time, its not easy I wont lie. Fin is great, he stays with my mum and my friend at the moment and he doesn't kick up any fuss what so ever which is brilliant. Hopefully we will get Nursery arranged soon - and he can start having some learning fun!
The reason its been hard is more down to the fact that, I have so little time, and I'm always so tired - but I guess that goes with the territory. Unfortunately, I am not in the best paid Job right now, so its quite hard making ends meet - but as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know there's a job out there for me where I can use my qualifications - perhaps it closer than I realise!! (haha sneaky sneaky laugh laugh).

I took the little Monster to get weighed Last week. First time I've actually been able to go in 3 months - I thought I may get told off, but he's a porker with his food and I was worried about anything, otherwise I would have made time.
So in true 'Heidi' Style, my nerves creep up on me (I have no idea why I get nervous waiting for Finny to be weighed, silly really). Finny decides he wants to play while we wait, I let him play. Finny then decides he doesn't want to play, but he wants to crawl under the chairs and through the peoples legs behind my seat. So we spend the next few minutes, trying to deflect this - then OMG he craws under, and as I'm pulling him out, I donk his head (Now Finny seems to donk his head most days atm, hes a boy, hes into everything, usually head first), I don't donk it hard, but he looks at him then holds his head and whimpers a sad little whimper. I start rubbing it better, apologising and look up and glance the HV looking at me. I go a darker shade of crimson and get called for the weighing - oops. Finny was fine, there wasn't even a mark, but I am left very embarrassed.

So we get him weighed and he has stayed put on his 75th Percentile and now weighs 22lb05oz!! woohoo go Finny!

Now Finny decides he doesn't want a new nappy on or does he want to get dressed, so I get hotter and hotter and more flustered and embarrassed - I must look a right state! Eventually we mange to get the nappy on wonky, and minus coat, socks and gloves - what a palaver!

The Cheeky Monster Pre Xmas!

Anyway I mentioned to the HV that on the odd occasion, Finny seems to still have a very slight lean to the right. So she has suggested to get a doctor to look at it if we are concerned as he's almost 1 now. So were see over the next few weeks, if it is still there or I am just being Paranoid. Will keep you posted!

I think are first steps are going to be just around the corner. We are doing a lot of cruising atm, and we have had several occasions where we can stand unaided, but fall when we laugh and clap our hands at being so clever - He's too cute!

We are both very excited that Sing and Sign is starting again Tomorrow. Finny loves it, I wasn't sure he was going to pick much up, but as he enjoys the songs ad interaction we booked again - then low and behold - he starts signing 'more' to me during tea the other day, now its constant 'more' 'more' 'more'!! Trust Finnys First Signs to be food related!!

On to me - I have started a 3 and Half week SlimFast Plan - not good with diets and not good drinking my water, but I vow to once and for all loose these last pesky pounds that are hanging around!!


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

REVIEW: Koo-di Fluffy Baby Blanket

Manufacturers Description:

(item code: KD036) Ideal as an extra layer of bedding, a play rug or as a pram blanket.
  • Made from soft & fluffy easy care polyester fabrics
  • Trimmed with a fun, bright polka dot print
  • Size: 100 x 75cm
  • Perfect for use in combination with the Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Cots
  • Machine washable at 40ÂșC  


Here at home, we have quite a few generic blankets for fin, So i wondered at first how this blanket was going to be different to any of them, I was pleasantly surprised.
Those that have read my Koo-di Snug suit Review, will be aware how I fell in love with it because of how soft it was. Well, this blanket is made from the same stuff, so instantly it was off to a winner!

What I really liked about this blanket which stands it out from a general blanket is the fact that it has two different sides, one side is soft and fleecy and the other is soft and fluffy (Just like the Snug Suit!) - I like to think this Keeps your little one Extra warm on those chilly Trips out, and it did just that - Finny looked so cosy all wrapped up in this Blanket and when we got back in, he just felt so warm and snug, no signs of the cold, chilly winter on him!

Above: A couple of shots showing the fluffy side and fleecy side

Once again the blanket is designed neutrally, so is perfect for a little pink or blue Little One, but it still has the funky, vibrant polka Dots of the Koo-di brand to liven it up a little. This Blanket like the snug suit, is also an creamy white colour, which again is great for not instantly showing dirt up, so your Little one can have a good tug and play with it, without it instantly looking dirty!

The blanket also works well as a small play mat if your out and about (or like us have cold Laminate Flooring). It folds up really easily, so if your not using it as a blanket you can tuck it away easily in your change bag or buggy, ready to pop out if your baby wants to have a sit and play while you have a coffee somewhere!

Just woken up from Nap time, enjoying some milk, snugly wrapped up in the Koo-di Fluffy Blanket :)

Its a great size too, not too small - Big enough to cover your Baby with a little give and take, but not too big that there is excessive blanket hanging about. Its also just the right thickness to be used as an additional layer during bedtimes on those extra cold nights!

The Koo-di Fluffy Baby Blanket is available on the Koo-di Website here, priced at £23.99



Reviews coming soon: Koo-di bath Tap Protector and Parent Kneeling Mat & Pur-Flo Sleep Sac

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